About me


I teach Intermediate and Advanced English Language Development (ELD) .   This is my twenty-fifth and final year of teaching. I have taught at both the high school and middle school levels, most recently middle school.

Since I am a teacher researcher and like to write articles about what happens in my classroom, I decided to approach my newest new teaching venture (middle school) with the mind of an inquirer.  It was brutal at first.  I wished for a way to claw my way out of there!  But time changes us.  I now feel I wouldn’t want to teach any other level.  I think middle school is kind of like a sacred trust.  The kids are so fragile as they pass out of childhood and into adolescence.  I’m honored to travel this journey with them, and hope I can somehow ease the way a little.

Outside of school, I’m an avid photographer.  I’m trying to see the story in the photos I take, and I do believe they are getting a little better because of it.  Like anything, it’s all a process of development.

Enough about me.  I hope you enjoy the blog.  I’d love to hear from you, so feel welcome to leave a comment!


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. learntogrowu says:

    Great to see your blog! I sense you have been ziked-attended Dinah Zike’s trainings…how true isthis? Would love to connect with you! Doriel, Regional Trainer for the Dinah Zike Academy…

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