Begin again, Finnegan

IMG_5945.JPGAnd we’re back! We’ve actually been back since August 13, which sets a record for early starts for our district. It’s been a good start, and a little jumbled, which is normal. As an ELD teacher, we have to give the CELDT test, our state English Language Development test right when school starts, and we have to be trained to give it every year before testing can start. Never mind that the test hasn’t changed in any material way in at least ten years, we still take a day out of the classroom to be trained to give it. And since I teach ELD, I have to give it to my students as well as all the English Learners who are out in mainstream English classes. Fortunately my daughter works with me, and we do the testing together. (You could also say “blessedly” in place of fortunately. I am so blessed to work with her!)

Anyway, this has created a jumble in my classroom. Once we get through this, I’ll be able to pull everyone in line, I hope. This year I have three groups of students. One is a Spanish Literacy class for native Spanish speakers. My goal in teaching this class to eighth graders is that they will go to high school armed with some academic Spanish and will be able to enter high school Spanish at a higher level than they would be able to if they only spoke the language but didn’t know how to read and write it. Some of last year’s students are in Spanish Four as freshmen, so I guess it worked. This year’s class is a little small, and has several non Spanish speakers as well as some seventh graders. The nons are being transferred out, as they complain loudly if I say a single word in Spanish, and just studying maps is getting old. The seventh graders are very energetic, and at the same time a breath of fresh air, so I’m keeping them.

The ELD classes are as I expected. Loud and rowdy, but manageable. I have all the students I had last year and many of my daughter’s students from last year as well. Last year we set up our program by levels, and we each taught one level, but two different grades. This year we’re teaching one grade each, but different levels. So I have eighth graders, and levels 1,2 and 3.  Remember the off the wall crazy class I had last year? Yeah, they’re back but in a slightly different configuration.  It promises to be an interesting year!

This week we began preparing our writers’ notebooks. We are collaging the front of them, and then I’m covering them with clear contact paper to preserve their artwork. I’m hoping that if their books are beautiful they will be more attached to them. I’ll let you know how that goes. The collage at the top of this post is the back cover of the teacher notebook I’m making. It’s a binder I’m creating to keep track of all that stuff like duty schedule, staff phone numbers, student tech codes and meeting notes in one place. I lose that kind of stuff so easily that I’m hoping if I make a beautiful binder I’ll actually use it and not always be looking for things I just had a minute ago. So far I’ve got a good start. Here are the sections I’m planning for it:

Class schedules
Transportation schedules and maps
Assessment scores
Curriculum calendar
Testing calendar
Codes for setting up student portals in our data management system
Lesson plan ideas for ideas I want to save
Copies of supply orders and print shop orders I made this year
Faculty meeting notes
Professional Development notes
EL Facilitator information
Mentoring information – I’m a mentor to two new teachers this year.

I imagine I’ll find other stuff to put in there, but just judging from the above list, it won’t be a binder I carry around much. It’s already sounding heavy!

Okay, that’s it for tonight. Thanks for coming back to read here after such a long hiatus. It’s good to be back! Take care.


8 thoughts on “Begin again, Finnegan

  1. lynnjake says:

    Hello Puzzled, The writer’s notebooks are going well, thanks. I made a couple of decisions about them that I think are good ideas. First, I gave them a list of possible things to write about in their notebooks, and I had them glue it inside the front cover, so it they are ever stumped they can choose one of those things. They have a Table of Contents page for re-locating important pages like how-to and writing idea pages. So far we have one page about how to do a RAFT writing. On another page I had them trace a head. Inside the head they wrote some ideas for things they think about and might like writing about. I called them “In your head ideas.” THis page is also referenced in the Table of Contents. We make a bit of a production of doing these pages neatly and even colorfully, as I think the more they invest of themselves in these notebooks the more they will value them. Today we chose an “In Your Head” idea and they wrote about it for 10 minutes. All were quiet and writing, which is a miracle. My next plan is a bucket shape, for writing a bucket list and a heart shape for writing ideas of things that are dear to them. I think they are worth a try – if my students are willing to go along with them that’s a big deal, so they are, for us anyway, a good idea!

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