Aaaaah! Finally.



It was a long haul, wasn’t it?  But I’m quickly putting it all behind me. For the next few weeks, you can find me here, lounging around, reading novels, making colorful lists in my journal (because that’s about all I do there anymore), planning my road trip at the end of July and experimenting with different ways of fixing easy summer food.

Oh, and of course I’ll be planning my lessons and classroom daily and weekly structure. I have the same kids next year that I had last, so it is imperative that I be ready for them. I don’t want to bore you with anther year like last year, so IT’S ON!!! I will be ready for them this time!

However, before I dive into all the specifics of what’s to come, I’m going to rest and relax and heal for a while. I hope you have some time to do the same.  I think I’ll go see a R rated movie matinee this afternoon… See you soon!

P.S. I’m also participating in the Connected Learning Massive Open Online Course (#clmooc) through the National Writing project. I’m blogging about that over at my other blog. Come check it out. It’s so cool and never too late to jump in and join the fun!


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