Rolling With the Punches


We’re still here. Breathing deeply among the chaos, the unexpected heartbreak and trouble. Kids who thought their last minute efforts would pay off are learning that they will not be promoting next week. There are moms crying in the office as they learn of the fate of their kids. Grades were due yesterday and today the deal making is happening.

Unfortunately for some, the deals are not without a plan. They had to earn a certain GPA this quarter and read a certain number of AR books in order to surmount the bad choices they made in an earlier quarter or quarters. They always think they can make it until they don’t. And then they act all surprised. Yesterday a boy came to me, he who had really tried to pull his grade up and had actually succeeded, and told me that he needed good comments as well as good grades to get to promote. Heck, comments are cheap and he did get his grade up, so I commented away.  “Making excellent progress…”

Right now there is a crowd  of boys in the office who thought it would be a good idea to bring an alcoholic beverage to the super fun pool outing the PE department took them on this morning. One brought it and the others drank it. And now they are all going home. For the rest of the year, forget promotion. Oh my. What were you thinking? Stupid choices will take you down sometimes.

In the Seventh grade chaotic boys class, we have been learning about Snakes, Spiders and lately the Honey Badger. They are completely taken with the Honey Badger and want to watch videos about them every day. Knowing this class as I do by now it should be no surprise that they would fall for the meanest, smartest animal out there!  They’d much rather watch science animal videos than Hollywood movies, so guess what my next year’s units will be built around? Yep. Reading, writing and watching videos about surprising animals and maybe some dirty jobs.  Boy stuff.  Stuff that will grab them. Hello, why didn’t I think of that sooner? Duh!



3 thoughts on “Rolling With the Punches

  1. dkzody says:

    Oh, I have another piece of info…I am looking into something that required me to fill out the same application to become a police officer. Oh my. Even if you had a juvenile record that was sealed, you have to give up the information. The application is 29 pages and it asks everything about your life, for your whole life. So, these bad boys may want to rethink their behavior if they ever want to do something in the future.

  2. lynnjake says:

    Wow!! Great information! I could do a dangerous jobs unit, like police and fire. My son in law is a police officer so I could get a live guest speaker! And I love the crime scene cleanup job. Yuck, but probably fascinating for middle school boys!

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