Maybe Subtlety is a Better Option


A recent comment on this blog made me stop and consider…maybe I should just keep my mouth shut about what’s going on in my classroom if it isn’t something super cool that others can do in their classes.  If I want to be pinned and repinned, that is undoubtedly what I should do. “Look at this cool thing you can do!” That’s what I pin from others, anyway.  But is it my goal to be a hit on Pinterest?  It never has been, although I have enjoyed hearing from more readers in the past several months.

My original intent in beginning this blog was kind of an inquiry project as I began teaching middle school.  I had felt very successful as a high school teacher, and went into the new grade level feeling confident and eager for the new scene.  I’d thought middle school kids would just be smaller high school students, but I was so wrong.  I had no idea about the concreteness of their thinking, the penchant of some students to be in constant motion,  nor the incredible strain that just a couple of students can place on a whole group. Nor did I have any idea how charming and loving they could be all at the same time.  So I decided to take a look at all this in a blog.  I thought maybe someone else would be able to relate, and maybe even share ideas with me.

I haven’t posted anything lately because there’s not much to tell yet this year other than behavior and CELDT testing.  And for now I am just not going to say a single other word about the behavior issues that keep the cool stuff from happening. (I’m not even going to mention the student who was taken away to mental health by the sheriff after cutting open a water bottle in my room with a razor blade, and then was back in class the next day. Not another word. Even though I think his and some other stories – like the random sheriff K-9 search of my classroom a couple of weeks ago –  would validate my previous posts)  And I’m thinking that the better part of valor would be to just make private the posts I already wrote about that.  The stuff that makes me seem like I must be doing something wrong without offering a single cool activity or strategy.

I have to think this over.  Does this mean I’m changing or have changed the purpose and format of this blog?  I don’t know yet.  So, for today this is it.  Just a note, with a promise of something better soon.  As soon as I can.  As soon as CELDT testing is done and I’m back 100%. As soon as I decide what’s what here…be well, do your utmost and yeah.  That’s all any of us can do, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Maybe Subtlety is a Better Option

  1. Jamie Ayres says:

    Well, not every teaching blog has to be, “Hey, look at this cool thing I did!” Maybe your blog could be like a Teacher Support Group for us to come together and share our struggles and encourage each other. Teachers could express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire could offer assistance and guidance. It could be a safe haven for teachers of all kinds! What do you think? I’m part of an online writing group like that and we all post once a month. Maybe we should start our own blog together called the TSG 🙂

    • lynnjake says:

      Thanks, Jamie. Nice idea! I like it. I’m not so interested in starting a new blog but would be open to guest posts or just conversations here about what confounds us or the things we’ve found helpful. It’s hard for me to believe that my classroom is the only one in which twelve year olds struggle with self control, so having a place to talk about it and give support and commiseration sounds good to me. In the meantime, however, if I do come up with something clever, I’ll be sure to let everyone know about it!

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