It’s CELDT time again

There’s not been much to write about this week because we’re giving the CELDT test to all our ELD classes. The CELDT (California English Language Development Test) is mandated by the state for every single English Learner in the California.  They must take it every year until they are redesignated fluent in English.

After we’ve finished with our classes we’ll start on the 104 students out there in mainstreamlandia who are still English Learners.  Two of us are trained to give this test and sometimes it feels like we’re two underground CST testers. Our colleagues are totally supportive of the process, but I think they don’t realize the intensity of the test sometimes.  That it takes three days on blocked classes to give.  That it’s exhausting for the kids and us.  That we don’t have to plan any lessons for three days.  Wait.  No one cares about that except me.

So every fall we go to the training – again – and again we start the process.  Only sometimes it feels like no one realizes it’s going on.  Yesterday the district office repairman came out and fixed the clocks, ticking away every minute very loudly for about, oh, four hours.  While we were testing.  We both called the office and asked for it to stop, but to no avail.  Click, click, click…all through the reading portion of the test. That would have never happened during CST testing in the Spring. I kind of think it’ll show up on their scores.

Nevertheless, I have to give kudos to my students.  They have been troopers.  They are so squirrely during regular classroom activities, yet evidently well trained when it comes to testing.  I think I’ll bring them a little reward on Friday when it’s over, and then we’ll try to begin class again.  Except I have three days in the next two weeks that I have to be out.  Remember the 104 Outliers?  They need my highly trained expertise as well (“Find the picture that shows a box around the turtle…”).

So we’ll start teaching school again pretty soon.  After it’s over.


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