Hello? Is anyone there?

No?  Oh, right, it’s Christmas Winter Vacation and everyone’s gone home.  Thank goodness for that.  I really needed a chance to do a little review and revamp.  Actually, it seems we will be doing a major revamp in the ELD classes.  Here’s the deal:

Our district, and our school, in particular, are going to be visited by the Feds when we get back from vacation.  We are up for a Federal Compliance Review.  These happen every so often, and this year it is our turn.  Now, we as a department of two, seldom receive any attention by anyone from the ranks of supreme power, but since ELD is one category to be under scrutiny in this event, we are suddenly of much greater interest than normal.  Suddenly we need to make some modifications to what we’ve been doing for the past few years.  Our methods of CELDT testing and reclassifying students was not exactly right, apparently. I was enlightened about that at the last minute back in October.  (Just after the last post I wrote on this blog…)

In mid-December, when we requested some curriculum for our beginning English Learners we were given a full-on curriculum presentation by a textbook publisher, which was attended by not only the two of us ELD teachers, but our Principal and the district Executive in charge of these things.  The upshot was that we ordered all new ELD curriculum, which arrived before the vacation began.  I like it, and look forward to using it, I do.  But that is to happen beginning in January.  When the Feds are here, in the middle of the school year.  Oh, and we can’t deny our students access to the core curriculum, so we are allegedly going to be using both sets of curriculum, but with no additional class time allotment.  Hm… I’ve been filling all 100 minutes every day with the old stuff.  Now I’m going to mix them?  I am not in favor of adding more class time.  Two periods of English is plenty, in my humble opinion.  I just can’t figure out how to blend the two programs. I am excited about the new one, and the structure of it seems to make sense, so I would like to just try that one alone for a while.  We’ll see how it all pans out.

Thanks for checking in, and I apologize for the hiatus.  I will keep you posted.  I promise not to let two months go by before I write here again.  You can follow along through this process of review and rebirth if you’d like.  It might be about to get messy – and what better source of growth than a bumpy road?


3 thoughts on “Hello? Is anyone there?

  1. Bonnie Kaplan says:

    That’s a lot of pressure. Is it on you?
    But I’m with you. BTW, I am creating a New Year’s video on romance. What does romance look like? Can you send me some images for my movie?

    • lynnjake says:

      Hi Stephanie. The new curriculum is the Longman Keystone series. What I like about it is that the textbook and the ancillary workbook actually tie together and the textbook seems pretty rigorous – the readings aren’t dumbed down or cut really short. Even in the lower level book the readings are as originally written, just carefully chosen, I suppose. I also like that it is thematically arranged rather than topically arranged. Each unit has a fiction piece, an informational piece and maybe some poetry or other graphics, so info is recycled rather than offered in big doses and then forgotten. It does include grammar lessons, although I think I’ve found a grammar book I’d use as a supplement. I’ll get the title of that if you are interested.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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