Nearing the Finish Line

The end of this school year is so near I can almost taste it. We’re at the jumbly part where it’s too soon to let go, but too late to get anything done. I’ve assigned the students a project in which they are to write detailed instructions for how to do something that they know about. (See my last post about catching Crappies.) This week, the first two days, they’ll be giving their presentations. I might be romanticizing things by imagining it’ll take two days, but I can hope. Then on Thursday there is yet another Benchmark exam, mostly about capitalizing and spelling. Friday is a cruise of a day, with an assembly and carnival in the same day. And the students go home at noon. Easy-peasy, but don’t for a minute imagine it won’t be trying. It will be.

Last year, I was so burnt that I just walked out on the last day. Didn’t clean or organize anything much. I will not make that mistake again. I’ve already begun to recycle all the stuff that isn’t needed any more, to organize the remaining art supplies and order things I’ll need in the fall. Except I can’t do that any more because we were cut off a couple of weeks ago. Oh well, I can make an order and hand it in early in August. That’ll be soon enough, I’m sure. So, yeah. My room will be clean and neat when I leave, all the detritus cleared away, ready for the new year to begin in August.

This leaves the fun summer they talk about that we teachers get. That’s when we get to stay home and plan our lessons and units for next year. How can we teach that sort of boring stuff in more interesting ways? What is essential to get taught and what can take second tier in case there isn’t time to be thorough about everything? Cause there isn’t. Time to be thorough about everything. Oh and all those literacy centers I’m always talking about in here? Well those will all require setting up. Shall they go in those cool plastic boxes they have at Office Depot, the ones with the little blue clamp up closures? The ones that cost about $10, but are worth buying eight of because they’ll keep it all so tidy and ready to use. That project will be fun, I think. Shouldn’t take over a couple of weeks to design and prepare, and it’ll be worth it, really.

I suppose I sound sarcastic here, and I recognize that. But I’m only feeling that way a little bit. Because I am glad to have some time to get ready for next year, and I do like to be able to stay home and work on stuff. I like wearing what I want, and working when I want to and eating when and what I want to. And there is definitely something nice about not having to go to the school for a few weeks, even if I am working on school stuff. It is rejuvenating. So it’s only a little bit of sarcasm because I still occasionally hear people say things about the easy life of a teacher, and I wish they knew that it’s not really all that easy. It’s worth it, oh definitely it’s worth it, and I wouldn’t choose any other career. But easy, no. It’s not.

Now having all said that in such a dreary tone, let me say, I need an attitude adjustment! Bring on summer!


4 thoughts on “Nearing the Finish Line

  1. Bonnie k says:

    Heres one good thing: Jerry Brown! A 180 degree turn around on high stakes testing. No such luck in NY. Teo years of unacceptable and out you go. How did that happen? but the debate heats up.

    Enjoy your time off and keep your great pics and posts coming. Seems like I have been taking a brak from my blog,


    • lynnjake says:

      I know! I am pretty excited when I read what our governor thinks of standardized testing. I’ve always liked him and his no nonsense approach to everything. We’ll see what occurs.

      I notice I haven’t heard much from your blog lately. I think we need thinking spaces sometimes. If I need to dig too much to find a topic or if I just am not feeling it, I think it’s better to just let it rest. I look forward to reading more when you are ready.

  2. Kathryn from Thriftyschoolmarm says:

    I’m feeling the same way about my quickly approaching end of the year. There’s still far too much to do- we’re working really hard straight up until the last day with presentations still being given that day!

    I can’t wait until I get a chance to sit down and plan out what to keep and what to revise for next year. That will be even harder since I am doing a paid sabbatic, and will be out of the classroom from February on. I have no idea how to get it all done, but I guess I’ll get to experiment.

    Your list of on your own times missed my personal most important- being able to use the bathroom on your own time 😉

    • lynnjake says:

      Kathryn, I know what you mean about getting to use the bathroom when you want or need to! It’s crazy how even our bodies are tied to the bells.

      I too am looking forward to figuring out a smooth year for next year. I definitely want to create a more expectable weekly plan for my classes. Like what we do for openers, on what days, and when we go to the computer lab and on and on, down to how often we do literacy centers. I’m excited about it and hope I can create a better year next year.

      A paid sabbatical? How do you accomplish that? It sounds great! What will you do during that time? Is it for a semester? Sounds great.


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