Lesson Planning, already?

It's that time again!

Today’s the day. I’ve spent most of yesterday and today thinking about the next semester, and in particular the next three weeks, when we’ll be doing a poetry unit. I have a dual-layered thought process going on right now. First, how will I teach this unit in a way that is fun and interesting and engaging? I mean, specifically how will I teach it? Like what do I need to type today to copy tomorrow to be ready for Monday? Unfortunately nothing is settled yet, but my ideas are coming together. The other part of the equation is the behavior issues. Would it make an appreciable difference if I traded one student out to another class and took in one of that teacher’s students? The problem with that is the benefit would probably be all mine. My student would do fine with the other teacher, academically. The student she would give me is too high functioning for my class, however, which seems unfair to him. Plus, the one I want to trade out would probably be troublesome for her, too. Last year at this time I took in a student from another class and sent my most problematic student to a teacher he wanted to be with, who was dying to have him. It worked out for everyone. My class settled into a lovely, cohesive group and the boy and the other teacher were happy as well. I’m not sure the outcome would be the same this time. I have to think some more about it.

So, the poetry unit. I have found a book I like by Geoff Hewitt called, Today You Are My Favorite Poet. I’ve had it for a long time, but haven’t really looked at it. He has some good ideas for writing poetry. We have some poems on the pacing guide that we are supposed to read, but I find them a little lacking. I never quite know what to do with them other than to read them a few times. I think the textbook has worksheets that go with them, but really! That seems so boring and unkind to the fun-ness of poetry. We will read those, but we will read others as well. I’m hoping I can find a video of Billy Collins reading his own work on Teacher Tube. (Does anyone else find Teacher Tube to be a confusing hodge-podge? Do I just not know how to use it?

Oh, I could go on all day like this. When I have my ideas a little more in order I will share. I’d love to hear about anything you do with poetry that works really well, so comment away!
Thank you.


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