Day in a Sentence!

Thanks for stopping by for Day in a Sentence at my blog! We teachers are in the midst of the long, long stretch between Labor Day and Veterans’ Day. It’s time that we can use productively in setting up the structure and rules of our classroom, create bonds with our new students and create a foundation of instruction which will carry us through the rest of the school year.

Yes, this is all true, but…it is so long. We still have about three weeks left of this time, and I, for one, am feeling the slump. I see it in my students too. They are restless, and not even my best tricks are grabbing their attention much. For this week’s sentences I thought maybe we could think about what we’re doing to take care of ourselves as well as our students at this changing time of year. If you don’t have students, I imagine you may still be feeling the change of the seasons, which is a good time to focus on a little self care. So, having said all that, here is my sentence:

Sleeping a little more, taking long walks along the riverbank with my camera, an occasional massage and daily writing all feed the tired parts of me and help me face each day in good spirits.

Add your sentence to my comments section, and I’ll hold them all until Sunday afternoon when I’ll release them for all to read. Thanks again for coming by and adding your thoughts this week!


16 thoughts on “Day in a Sentence!

  1. stuckinmypedals says:

    I live within walking distance of my school and as the scorching summer recedes into the blush of fall, I walk to school pondering what the day holds and then later I walk home and try to etch the sweetness of the day into my mind.

  2. Kevin Hodgson says:

    My friend, a drummer, is turning fifty soon and he has called back together a bunch of musicians he has played with over the years to jam at his upcoming birthday bash, so I have been trying to get my lip back in shape for my saxophone.


  3. Gail P says:

    Our school uses the Responsive Classroom program. As such, the first 6 eeks of school build routines and community so the rest of the time goes more smoothly.

    “I think I heard the inner bell ring for the Six Weeks mark and now we have enough independence to really begin our personal skill development.”

  4. Mary in Missouri says:

    Retired teacher’s day starts with opening and closing gates for husband to feed livestock and continues with washing south house windows on this marvelous Indian Summer day in Northwest Missouri, to ordering Tom Romano’s book on mulitgenre writing for oldest daughter who wishes to explore the possibility of changing up the requirement for senior LA research papers.

  5. April Niemela says:

    The unexpected parent response to a positive phone call I made yesterday was a burst of tears, an inability to continue the conversation, and a hand-off of the phone to her husband; what a humbling experience and a reminder of how powerful a kind word can be.

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Great site – I’ll certainly have to add you to my Reader as a fellow MS teacher! Isn’t it the craziest place ever?! I love it though!

    I love your photography too! I’m also a shutterbug and have been (for the first time) sharing some of that with my students.

    I wrote up a poston my blog that includes my sentence for the week, but I’ll past it here as well.

    Taking joy in the minor successes and cutting myself some slack for the major disasters keeps me in the sweet spot where the flow of motivation isn’t blocked by the dam of exhaustion!

  7. bonnie k says:

    Thanks Lynn for jumping in with me and hosting this week.

    I just finished one digital project and I am about to start another one that’s due next Friday, and then another for the following week. It’s not like being in that classroom I left behind.


  8. murcha says:

    An exciting, action packed week of online learning and teaching activities – including live presentations for Earth Science Week, three students in Melbourne for #Listen2Learners, linkups with Malaysia for a Chinese Dragon dance, Malay drumming etc as part of ceremony to farewell principal, and helping Indonesian students with their English, using skype.

  9. Kim Ellis says:

    After reading aloud a small pattern book, my first grade ESL student said, “Hey! I can read with my eyes closed!”

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