Things I learned this week about teaching.

1. I learned that I can create at least one literacy center that includes the SMARTboard.
2. I learned that I really need a prep each day to stay connected and on top of my classwork.
3. I learned that a walk around the track at lunch can make a 35 minute lunch hour seem really long and way more pleasant than if I sit in my classroom for the same time period.
4. I learned (again) that I need to keep myself organized if I will ever stay on top of all the work I have to do.
5. I learned that I may not be able to do that if I arrive on time and leave on time, without staying extra hours at one end of the day. Especially without a prep period in the middle of the day.
6. I learned that if I give Dominique a good book she will be quiet and read it rather than constantly disturbing the class with her irrelevant comments.
7. I learned that no matter how much a student promises not to talk if I let her sit by her friend, she will talk. She has to. Expecting her to not talk is like expecting a mosquito to not bite me. It has to.
8. I learned (maybe again) that if I call a parent and tell them what I like about their child before I tell them what the child did wrong, which is why I’m really calling, they will be on my side right away in helping to deal with their child’s behavior issue.
9. I learned again that having small journals that the students share with science and English is a really good idea because they always have them in their backpacks. They come to get them if they forget them in the classroom. Is that because their being part of two classes gives added perceived value, or is it because the science teachers are meaner than the English teacher (me) and they fear getting in trouble if the lose the journals?
10. I learned that when I make a effort to get to know the emotionally fragile autistic student, he is less emotionally fragile around me. He is more willing to work with me.
11. I learned that a little boy sees a tomato hornworm as a thing of breathtaking beauty, where I see it as a great squishy intruder. From this I remembered how much our perception focuses our experience. I hope I don’t forget this.

That’s all I know for now. I’ll learn more next week, I’m sure.


5 thoughts on “Things I learned this week about teaching.

  1. stuckinmypedals says:

    After reading your list, I definitely need to make one focused on my teaching life and the class. Your list makes me think and that’s a good thing. This week looks to be a tough one, and therefore a really good week to reflect on what I’m learning.

  2. Delaine Zody says:

    I don’t know what you mean in #5…I hope it’s not that you arrive when the bell rings and leave when it rings. I’ve seen too many teachers who do this and their classes were always a mess. Sure, you can do that occasionally, but every day? Nah.

    An hour before class starts and at least an hour after class ends, and a prep period during the day, was the ONLY way I could keep functioning. I needed time WITHOUT students so I could get MY work done.

    The shared journals are a great idea. We did this in Academy classes and when students realize their teachers are on the same page, they behave better. Remember, I asked if you had teams? It makes all the difference in the world.

  3. lynnjake says:

    Oh, Delaine, after 20 years in the classroom I have learned that teaching requires many more hours than the students are in class. Sometimes I just want to find a way to diminish all the extra time spent, to create more time for things other than school. Lately school just isn’t as nourishing to my spirit as it used to be, and I need to find my sustenance elsewhere so I can offer as much as the students need from me when I am at school. So, no, I didn’t mean I arrive and leave with the bell. I find it hard to even cut back a little on the extra time and I wish it were otherwise!

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