A few things I’m wondering about

Photographing Red

As I prepare for this inquiry, I am exploring my wonderings a little bit. Here are a few things I wonder about:
1. What is the relationship between handwriting development and brain development? My least capable students are also those with the least formed handwriting.
2. Has anyone done any research about the relationship between hands-on manipulation of the SMART Board (for example, the activities such as key word matches, or anagrams or sentence arranging) where kids use their whole arm, stretching it across their body to move the answers around and brain function. I”m thinking of the brain gym research where they say that doing movements that cross over the centerline of the body open up both sides of the brain. All that. As I watch the kids manipulate words using large muscles, I can’t help but wonder what that does for their comprehension, retention, what else?
3. Do seventh graders ever settle down? Is there a way to expedite this?
4. What about literacy centers? How could I set these up, teach the kids to use them, make them work to meet the standards and all that in a fun and differentiated way? Teachers of kindergardeners manage it, you’d think it’d be easier with older kids.
5. Couldn’t you meet the standards, say, of fiction by reading one fiction novel as well as you can by reading a bunch of different short stories? Same goes for non-fiction and a biography or some other well chosen non-fiction book.
6. Finally (for now) do seventh graders ever settle down? Really.


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