Week three already? What’s next?

Well, I was well and truly blasted for my gender separation brainstorm in my last post. I think it’s important to consider every idea when looking for the best way to teach our students. Moving on, we’re in the third week of school, and yesterday every student got a new schedule. Do I need to say that things are still in a bit of flux? Our English classes have been over the top full so far, and a lot of the changes were needed to balance the size of these classes. Our administrator was up nights fixing and refixing the schedule, and just when she thought she had it licked the District Office called to say they were taking one of our English teachers to the other middle school, whose “enrollment justifies adding a teacher.” Excuse me! Take a look at our school, if you will…

We are in about Year 8 of Program Improvement.
725 seventh and eighth graders currently enrolled.
30% English Learners.
Lots of Special Ed (Don’t know the number)
High poverty community
High crime area – lots of drugs and gangs.

Our lowest level ELD class now has 34 students, and is a rich mix of English Learners and Special Day Class (SDC) students. Since when do we mix ELD and Special Ed? Apparently since now. Every English teacher has at least one class that is completely over the top out of control right now. Every class has to be packed as full as possible, and some are still too big. Does someone really think we can be effective teachers in such a situation?

We have completely lost our reason when it comes to teaching our children and it breaks my heart.


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