Moving right along, another quarter is ending

Well, look at this. The second quarter is close to ending and I haven’t written here since the last one ended. I did NaNoWriMo in the month of November which took every iota of my writing time and then some. That’s one reason my blog(s) have suffered. Another reason? Do I need one? I think the fall is such a slog along time of becoming acquainted with one’s students and finding a balance together as a class. Usually by December I feel a class unity, a personality that requires all of the members of the class. I do feel that, but have noticed that I seem to be bucking their exuberance all the time this year. There are those who think it acceptable to yell to get everyone’s attention, to tell them to be quiet. I don’t find that acceptable at all. Then there are those who can’t stay in their seats for more than a minute or two before they have to jump up and move around. It only helps a little that I separate talk circles with my seating arrangements when they don’t stay in those seats. So that takes some time all day long. Then there are those smarties who like to challenge everything I say. Not because they really disagree with me, they just want to talk. That is in between the stories. Oh, the stories. It doesn’t really matter what topic I bring up, someone has an almost completely unrelated story that has one similar detail to whatever I mentioned, which story is burning to get out and be told to the class. I used to think it was polite to listen and I did, for a while. Not any more. Now I just say that I can’t listen to that right now. I shut them up, politely but firmly. And they don’t seem to notice. Their minds move so fast, they are on to the next thing in a flash.

That’s it for now. My lack of class control is of limited interest, I’m sure, but if anyone has any good ideas for exuberant games that will also prepare them for standardized tests, I’d like to hear about them!


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