Year Two, Week five, or is it six: It’s a jumble.

We’ve made it through the first six weeks of school. Just like last year, my classes seem so loud and jumbly. If one side is quiet the other side is noisy, and if I get them quieted down the other side bursts out. I know it has to do with engagement and planning. Planning really engaging lessons. I swear I will go overboard in that regard this weekend, in preparation for next week. I have had appointments this week after school almost every day, so I’ve been unable to stay late. That has really cramped my style.

This has been such a long week. I’ve been giving the CELDT test to around 75 kids this week, so have had no prep any day. I am down to the last 15 or so who need one or two tests yet, which is a relief. Next week I’ll get those finished and then will begin to do all the finishing details so I can send them off. What a huge job this is. Last week there was an EL Facilitator meeting in which we were told that there is another job which has to be done by October 5 – we have to code all the core classes in two different ways in the data management system. The only time I’m able to do this is tomorrow after work. I’m so tired, and the idea of staying until 6:00 or so on another Friday night is daunting, but I can’t stay on Monday because I have an appointment with the Occupational Health clinic for the work injury I sustained a couple of weeks ago. So yeah, I’ll be there late tomorrow, again.

No one seems to understand all of the work involved with this ELF position. People worry that I don’t have enough to do to fill my release period every day. What they don’t know is that I not only fill it, I use my teacher prep for it as well, along with staying late every single day. I wish I could just hand out the list of required tasks to ease their worry about my having unfilled moments in my day. And once I get the CELDT tests sent off, and the coding done and the 22 Redesignations sent off to the district office and then to the parents, I will begin to set up the monitoring of the students who were redesignated within the last two years…and the list goes on and on.

Hm. No wonder my planning is less than stellar. I hope for a better next week. I swear I’ll be ready for it.


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