Here’s a tidbit, a tiny bite of my day:

Today my class came in quite noisily. I’d been out for a couple of days and they were behaving in a predictably squirrely manner. Donaldo kind of topped it off when he announced in a booming voice, “I’m a Phillipenis” Me: “You’re a what??” “A Philipenis.” Me: “Now your name is Philip?”
“No, I”m a Philipenis.” Me: “Donaldo, stop please.” “But you know, there’s a place called the Philippino.” Me: “But you’re not from there, Donaldo. I think you just want to say ‘penis’ really loud in class.” “Well, it is a place.” Me: “Yeah, but you aren’t really interested in it. You just want to say ‘penis.’ And now we’ve all heard you, so stop, please.” Donaldo: “Oh, okay.” So, yeah. Philipenis. Seventh grade.


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