Year 2, Week three: Here it comes…

Oh, I had such high hopes, good intentions. Today it feels like all was for naught. No matter what I do with my classes, no matter how much I slow it down and contextualize the material, they just don’t get it. I don’t know how to get in tune with where they are. I really don’t get how people can use those GUM books with the seventh graders. Are my students really that much lower than theirs? Do they just explain it better? Not notice that they still don’t get it? The thing is, if I just gave them a worksheet they would quietly do it. Wrong or right, ni modo. But they would do it. I know they don’t get what those worksheets are trying to accomplish, and even if they do for a couple of minutes get it, it wasn’t genuine getting it, so it’ll fade as they walk out the door.

Once again the loud ones, the hyperactive ones are dominating everything. Looking offended when I call them on their behavior. Tell me this is just one day and tomorrow everything will look up…


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