It’s here!

I just spent the last week getting my classroom and the new ELD office/resource center ready for the new school year. It was a big job, but in the end quite rewarding. I was able to move a lot of resources out of my room that I’d been storing there, and will be setting up a small ELD resource library in another room. My classroom is much less crowded as a result. I snagged a bigger desk from the hallway to replace the tiny teetery one I had last year, and created a little area for my self in the back of the classroom. It is by a window and away from the front of the room, so feels great.

Yesterday the district tech guys installed an LCD projector from the ceiling of my classroom. It’s to go with the SMART Board they installed earlier. Unfortunately it doesn’t connect to anything, so doesn’t exactly feel useful. Last year I could just plug it in to my laptop, but not now. They are evidently meant to be used wirelessly, but they don’t want to give us wireless access because the neighbors might use the school’s internet. So it seems that maybe it’s a ceiling decoration. Hmpf. I hope I can work out a way to make it work. A super long cable, dangling from the ceiling? It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

Last week when I began to work on my room, my son came and spent a day helping me move stuff around. I asked him to look at a computer that had quit working to see if he could figure out what was wrong with it. He did: someone had stolen the hard drive from it. WTH??? And I was mad about art supplies! I had no idea.

Yeah. So, another year is beginning. I hope I have it a little more figured it out this time!


One thought on “It’s here!

  1. stuckinmypedals says:

    Stolen hard drive? I laughed out loud. Who would think to do such a thing?

    My projector and interwrite board are supposed to be installed tomorrow. Fingers crossed that they will get along and work well together. It would be so cool to use them this year.

    Have a great year, Lynn!

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