Glory, glory hallelujah!


That’s it. I’ve finished my first year of teaching middle school. Even though it was my seventeenth year of teaching, it felt more like the very first one. I’ve learned a lot and have lots of ideas for how to make it better next year, I think. At least I have ideas for how to engage them more, to leave behind (as much as possible) the worksheets, and to teach the standards in a palatable way.

Next year I’ll have a SmartBoard, so my learning curve will go up again, but I’m eager to approach it. I want the kids who are in AVID rather than the coveted Leadership class to be so glad they are in AVID. We’ll approach that in a different way than this year as well. For one thing, we’ll train the 8th graders to be tutors for the seventh graders, and will make sure there are more leadership opportunities for all of them. Our year will be planned a little differently, for sure.

However, before thinking of any of that, I’ll cruise for a while. Just take care of my self and recuperate in mind, body and soul for a while. Then, bring it on again! I’ll be ready.


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