Almost the last week…how time creeps by.

Oh, only five days left. Grades are due tomorrow which should make the last four days a little dodgy. We’ve been asked not to show movies the last days, to keep on teaching despite grades having been submitted already. The reason for all that evades me. I get turning in the 8th graders grades for promotion reasons, I do. But I don’t get it for the seventh graders. I and others have planned projects to last until almost the last minute (no movies, remember?), and it was suggested that we could change the grades if we want to, or just not grade that last work. That’ll really boost motivation and productivity in my already lackluster students, I can tell right now. We are all so burned out…and I have so much grading to do tonight.

UPDATE: I just went in to see about changing a grade, and the grade input place says that grades will open again in December. Hmm…may be too late for this year.


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