Almost the next to the last week…

Oh my goodness, the kids are wired. Today we did some word games on the little whiteboards. That is such a cool thing – everyone is engaged and I can tell who’s not quite getting it and who is way smarter than I knew because they are usually really quiet and don’t volunteer answers out loud. Of course, I caught Daniel delightedly showing his drawing of a really tall penis to his friends, and had to take his board away for the day. I wasn’t surprised by that. I was more surprised it hadn’t happened sooner and more often. In the next class Pa Sia, grinning, occasionally wrote a word on her board that was just next to not okay, knowing that I was the only one in the room who could see it. Kind of a shared joke, except I couldn’t in good conscience join in. Neither did I get mad. Just gave her “the look” and a smile.

Actually, I think I should be playing whiteboard games everyday as it is the only activity I do that holds their attention right now, and even then I have to change it every few minutes or the boards stop going up. The games we did today were Compound Words (“The word is ‘life!’ Make it compound!”), Prefixes and suffixes, guess the word from the sentence I’m saying, and homynyms. Of course I act like a quiz show host the whole time. Maybe I need to start throwing peanuts. They’d prefer I threw hot Cheetos, but can you imagine the mess? All those Cheeto fingers, and ground in Cheetos. Oh, sounds like a normal day. The words “No Hot Cheetos in class” have little meaning, it seems. I wonder if they are addictive.

Two more weeks…then about a twenty minute break for the month of July and another group of brand new seventh graders will arrive…it swells my heart.


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