Three weeks left

I can’t believe we’re on the three week countdown. Now that the STAR testing is over I’m having more fun teaching. It helps that we know each other so well by now. We’re writing more, reading what we want to (what I want to), the grammar lessons continue but in a more fun way. My goal (one of them) for next year is to think about the fun ways earlier. And use them all year. This week I did a lesson about active and passive voice which I followed up with a kind of quiz show using whiteboards. It was fun. No reason I can’t use that kind of thing all year. I think I just felt too pressured to try anything like that earlier. Silly, yeah, but true.

The thing that amazes me is that the class that has been pretty rude all year is still just as rude. Now I see annoyance from a couple of them when I ask for their attention. Like I’m out of line! In some ways it’s getting worse without ever really having gotten better. I”m surprised by that because I’ve never had a class that I couldn’t eventually bring around. This group has had its moments of grace, but they’ve been few and far between. I have to think them over to see if I can figure out how to deal with such a group differently in the future.

Now I’m getting ready for summer school. I’m the principal of that this year and now that it’s kind of filling up, I’m looking for ways to make it fun. Thinking that more fun might equal fewer discipline issues. But that will be a later post.

Hope your school year is winding down in a satisfying manner. Sometimes just the fact of it winding down at all brings enough satisfaction!


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