Semester Two, Week 14? Catching up

I have been absent from this blog for a couple of weeks. Had to spend some time writing on paper, away from other people. The STAR testing is over and we have about a month left of school. So, what’s up with the kids now that they are at the end of seventh grade? Well…

Johnny writes his name in blood
Takes two hours, does nothing else.
Is proud of it and embarrassed by it at the same time.

Gerry has a contract
He needs a 1.0 to avoid expulsion.
Doesn’t make it, but nothing happens.
Crashes his desk twice in an hour, on the floor
Does no work, but he’s happy.

Mikey stands by my desk
Blowing his nose
Until the tissues are all gone.

Ulises and his mom come to school
In the morning, just to say
that he still has diarrhea and is not coming today.

Miguel is writhing in hilarity –
Has to leave the room to laugh it off.
Where does he hide out at lunchtime?
And why are his eyes so red?

Macy’s shaking, she doesn’t know why.
I say, “go, feel better.”
Five minutes later she’s back.
Says she’s been shivering since September.
Pretty sure she’ll be shivering tomorrow too.
She can just tell.

Sergio is finished.
No work has ever taken him more than ten minutes.
It would if he read the instructions, but hey…
If he did that he’d be righter but
he wouldn’t be first.

Minnie’s still 4’6″
So are Ulises, Meng, Chong, Peter, Marty and Leonel.

Santiago is 5’9″. He’s about to turn 15.
He is a fountain of profanity.
I don’t think you’re supposed to be that old in the seventh grade.

Alejandro does his work – all of it – standing up,
seldom if ever sitting in his seat.
He’s hyperactive, and has learned to cope, after a fashion.
His GPA is 3.8.

Guadalupe hasn’t learned that trick.
She comes in the room,
her spirit way out in front of her –
She seems to be constantly running to catch up with it.
But she never does. Her GPA is 1.2.
I don’t foresee an educated future for her.

Oh, I’m so tired. A month left. Can we create something interesting, of value without using any worksheets? Interesting challenge. I want to make a “Seventh Grade Memoir.” Not sure if they can handle it. Or if I can either. But we will try. More on this to follow!

P.S. I changed the kids’ names. Think it matters?


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