Semester 2, Week 13: Test prep and reteaching

So, I wonder how to reteach what I didn’t manage to get across the first time. I have identified the standards that hardly anyone got, and which ones are considered essential. Today I looked at the McDougal Littel Standards Manager which has a section on reteaching. That sounds great, but today I read it, and it doesn’t really offer much, as far as I can see. They tell you wnat to read (again) and what worksheets to do (again) and they tell you many times to have students pick a piece of writing from their portfolio (what portfolio??) that they want to improve and to find a number of things like word choice, or persuasive comments or language conventions and find the problem areas and fix them. I wonder if non-EL seventh graders can do this. I’m sure my students would not be able to. I do have things they have written, but know that they will not be able to find where their persuasion wasn’t effective, or where they used punctuation incorrectly. It’s hard for a mature writer to find those things in their writing, I just don’t see how my students would have a chance at success with that sort of activity.

I recently received some supplemental curriculum, so am thinking of using that mostly because it is different. But what I really want to do is find some strategic structures (the ubiquitous STRATEGIES) that will motivate them to learn in different ways. Playful ways that help make it stick…

Anyone have any good ideas? I”m drawing a blank here.


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