Semester 2, Week 3: Poetry

We’ve been doing poetry for the past couple of weeks. It started out fun, but ground into mundanity, it seems like. (At least I thought it was fun. I’m not sure about the kids.) Things seem too get to that point fairly easily once I realize that I have to make sure, no matter how I do it, to get all those standards across. So we were doing some jump and point poetry reading, (a la Sheridan Blau) which I think they were kind of getting into. But I realized that the poems were chosen for their relationship to certain standards. So “Midway” is used to demonstrate rhythm, “City” (Which has little meaning for my students since most have never seen one) was about metaphor and another poem was about simile. We worked our way through them all week. Friday morning one of the other seventh grade teachers offered me the poetry test the others were going to give that day. Thinking we’d done a good job covering everything, I gratefully accepted. But once I read it I realized that the first twelve (of 25) questions would not be answerable by my students. Rhyme pattern, onomatopoeia, alliteration, what else? I think I managed to teach them to identify simile, metaphor, rhythm and personification… Which once again leaves me wondering how teachers manage to teach all the standards. Period. Not even talking about making it fun or doing extra projects. There isn’t time for that. Or maybe I don’t have time for that. Maybe I just have really weak time management skills…

I am getting really tired of writing these discouraged posts here. I apologize to you who are reading them. I promise to work up to something more interesting than my once again having failed to adequately teach to the test!


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