Week 17: Next to the last week

One more week until break.  The week in which I get all the grades ready to turn in, the Redesignations ready to send to the district, the AVID data completed, the Second Interim Benchmark assessment given and discussed with the kids and hm, maybe that’s all.  I suspect it might be a squirrely week.  A couple of my students have left for Mexico already.  I kind of expected more, actually.  My door is decorated for the contest on Wednesday and colored lights adorn my whiteboard.  I’ve tried the seats in a new arrangement, which I love but which the students are so far not so good at handling.  I plan to leave everything cleaned up so I can start over in January.  That’s right, start over.  I know more now than I did in August, and I want a do over.

I wonder if that is possible.  Will there be too much overhang from the first semester, too many habit patterns established to turn it around?  Will I have to wait until next year?  I have thought about re-doing my classes so that one is truly a lower level class,  and the other a higher level one, like the schedule says.  But will that put all the naughty kids together?  Would that be worth it if I could have one class of earnest learners?  Or do I just generate chaos in any classroom and would the quiet ones become noisy?  Would changing the classes make some kids feel like the dumb class or will they even notice?

And how do I decide who goes to which class?  Do I use year old or six month old test scores?  Do I go by decibel level, or engagement level?  Handwriting as a graphic window into the intellect?  Just follow my gut and place them?  This is a quandry to which I paid no attention before it was offered as a possiblity.  Now I am wavering about it.  Any input, anyone?


2 thoughts on “Week 17: Next to the last week

  1. stuckinmypedals says:

    Hi, Lynn,
    I don’t have any tangible suggestions, but I will say that the whole point of a do over is getting a second try immediately. Isn’t that the way it was in tetherball, wallball and foursquare. I say the same rules apply in grown up life. If you feel a do over is needed, don’t wait until next year. Be daring and call a do over now. What a great example to your students of learning from experience and pursuing success, even if the pursuit is a little bumpy. Have a great two weeks off!

  2. lynnjake says:

    Thanks Alicia. I plan to reconstruct my life entirely in the next couple of weeks. Think I can get a complete do-over, starting about three years ago?

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