With a tired heart…

Today I learned by email (because I was out at an AVID meeting) that a student who is having a hard time in a mainstream ELA class has been transferred to my advanced ELD class because it is probably more appropriate for her.  Because it was initially thought she’d be okay in a mainstream class, except now she isn’t.  So, two and a half weeks before the end of the semester, she is being transferred to the class that better suits her test scores.  I could see it if it was the beginning of the quarter, but really, I am not such a miracle worker that two weeks of my class will suddenly put her straight.  When I looked her up in the info bank, I see that she is failing Science and History and has D- is both of her English classes.  At the quarter she had all As, Bs and Cs.  Now Ds and Fs.  This seems like it could be more than just needing ELD.  Has anyone looked at what else is going on with her?

The thing is, it not only changes things for the student who is moved, it changes the balance of the class the student moves to.  This particular class of mine to which she has been transferred is extremely delicate in its balance. Students who are quiet in other classes are loud in this one, because they’re with their friends.  It’s always anyone’s guess what sort of changes an addition to a class will make, and the timing matters for the rest of the kids as well as the one being moved.

It’ll probably be fine, but every time this happens it just makes me tired.  It isn’t even about the kids.  It’s about my feeling a lack of participation and control over the conditions of my job.  Someone is doing badly in a class?  Change their schedule.  Never mind that there are obviously other issues, just move her to a different class and you will have done something, so no one can say you did nothing.  There ought to be a moratorium or at least a resistance to making schedule changes after some certain point in the semester, or quarter.  Probably the last two weeks of the semester would not fit that time frame.  It’s not in my time frame, at least.

I will follow this one.  Maybe a point of focus for my inquiry.  Or maybe not. Maybe I’m being a prima donna, and maybe I’m just feeling out of sorts.  Or maybe this is the wrong thing to do.  El golpe avisa, as they say.  We’ll see…


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