Week 15: In which I am barely there


This week I was with the kids only two days.  When I told them I would be leaving for three days, to go to San Antonio, and would see them in December (after Thanksgiving break) they moaned and asked how I could leave them.  They made me promise to bring them back photos.  They reminded me of when my own kids were little.  They misbehave all over the place, but can’t stand the idea of you not being there with them.  Funny how this reaction allowed me to see them and the whole experience in a different light.  I guess this is just how it is, like parenting is just how it is.

Yesterday I returned home from the NWP Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.  It was fun, and a lot of work.  Fun work.  Presentations that went well, in which I got to interact with some really smart people.  A daylong meeting that seemed to last about ten minutes because it was so lively and interesting.  Dinners out with different friends, a visit to a Mexican art museum, walks around town and along the Riverwalk.  A chance to take some decent – if not exactly fantastic – photos.  I need this kind of break every so often, in which I am reminded that I have a professional life that extends beyond the classroom, to a great group of friends and colleagues and work that makes me think in a new way.

I am truly blessed.


One thought on “Week 15: In which I am barely there

  1. dkzody says:

    I am always amazed when my students don’t want me to be gone. My yearbook class has been that way this year as I’ve had quite a few fieldtrips during that period. They just don’t get as much work done when I am gone, and I think they know it.

    My multimedia classes are a mixed bag. Those who know me or have had me in another class hate to see me gone. Those to whom I am new this year are thrilled. Those newbies are getting a taste of what I demand of my students and they mostly dislike it as it is not the norm in the rest of the school.

    I think it is healthy for our students for us to be gone from the classroom now and then.

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