Post Script

This morning I was thinking about the previous post.  Obviously I feel some rancor about the most recent decision which has been made for me.  But I think the real lesson here is in the doing of it.  I wonder what is the longterm price of a decision made in this way, without considering or listening to all concerned parties.  I understand that those who really want something are prone to listen to those who don’t want it in a ratio that is inverse to the degree to which they want it.  More simply, the more a group wants something, the less likely they are to listen to or consider the feelings of those who have a different point of view.

I do understand this, and have undoubtedly been guilty of the same thing in the past.  In this case, I just happen to be the one who wasn’t listened to, so am feeling slighted.  What I’m thinking is that the price in terms of interpersonal relationships, in building a cohesive staff could be greater than anyone has considered.

Yesterday I attended the English Learner Leadership Academy session at San Joaquin County Office of Ed, where Dr. Francisca Sanchez spoke to us about ways of holding structured conversations which are designed to facilitate a necessary change to an institution – be it a school or district or a business.  I can see that this schedule change could have been approached in a manner which would have led to greater cohesion among the staff, and probably complete buy-in, had a structured approach to talking about it been used.  As it is I fear the price will, at least for a time, outweigh the benefits of the change.  I hope I remember this when I am in a position of leadership, or in a position of passionately seeing a need for a change that perhaps others are not as certain of.  I hope I can remember that eerything we do carries a price, and the way we approach a thing can make a world of difference to the quality of the outcome.


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