Noise by design

Okay, today I decided to try something new, (again).  Today we made a memory game of the week’s spelling words.  The kids made the cards of cut up sentence strips, and played some loud, rollicking games of Memory.  Interestingly, once they’d had a chance to make a lot of noise, they were able to quiet down and begin to read a new story.  We had a good class discussion, in which lots of kids participated, and the others allowed it, even if they didn’t have anything to add.  So, hmmm.  This gives me something to think about…


One thought on “Noise by design

  1. Janice Robertson says:

    Interesting that you should make the “once they’d had a chance to make a lot of noise…” comment. I’ve changed schools, and they do things differently. We had a spirit day yesterday, but the activities were IN THE MORNING. Then, the students were expected to go to classes like normal in the afternoon. I was highly skeptical at the thought of students settling down and being able to return to Earth after being wild during the morning activities. I was pleasantly surprised. It almost seemed like having had a chance to get the noise and wildness out of their system, they were quite able to settle down. We had no troubles at all on Friday afternoon! It does, indeed, provide food for thought.
    Twice a week I have to have 20 minutes of DPA (Daily Physical Activity) with my math class. I usually use the last 20 minutes of class. Next week, I’m going to try doing the first twenty minutes to see if it makes a difference.

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