Obscuring a post – should I or shouldn’t I?

Friday night l lay down to sleep and suddenly the day, a particularly difficult episode of the day, washed over me and I lost the calm demeanor that is necessary to falling asleep.  So I got up and came down to my computer and wrote a heated blog post about it.  The more I wrote the more I realized how hurt and angry I was, and the post reflected it.  After I ran out of vitriole, I published the post and announced it on Twitter for all to read.  Except no one did.  For two or three days no one had peeked at my blog at all.  That took the wind out of my sails!  It is a journal, after all?  Having calmed down, I decided to make that post private so as to not expose myself further, just in case someone read it.  So now I’m going to continue with my weekly post about teaching seventh grade.  I am trying to maintain an inquiry-based focus on this school year, and writing these weekly blurbs helps me keep track of what is happening.  So I guess I”ll get on that post.


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