This week’s sentences…

It has been so fun to see the comments mounting in my blog this week.  Many of us are going back to school, while others are embarking on other new ventures.  Best of wishes to all!

David Bradley was the first to check in this week:

Back from vacation, procrastinating on a deadline, looking forward to science bloggers conference in London (yesterday!).

Nina is enjoying a much anticipated reunion with her husband:

This day, the 49th since he left for Greece, my dear, sorely missed husband will return home. It’s the longest we’ve ever been apart in our thirty-plus years as a couple. Yay!!!!!!!

Gail is looking forward to a new group of Kindergardners:

I’m always a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of receiving a new classroom full of 5 year olds who miss their Moms, don’t know any of our rules or routines, don’t yet trust the adults, can’t open the restroom door, and can’t remember anything like whether or not they brought a lunch from home.

Delaine is already in gear with students:

Although the room only has 17 working computers, my two periods of multimedia students are working just fine, designing flyers for school clubs.

Liza Lee Miller is ready to roll with her fourth-graders:

My new 4th graders are sweet, eager to please, and slightly anxious as they consider their new responsibilities as upper graders.

(My teaching blog is at

Hurray for Ben, who finally has the feeling of arrival:

This is my 4th year of teaching, and I have never felt so in the rhythm of teaching; I finally feel like I am TRULY teaching.

Bonnie has begun the presidential race in earnest this week, after the inspiring DNC:

I am excited this week to watch the Democrats take the lead and nominate a Black man to be the next President. I sent in my first contribution to his campaign and I’m ready for my t-shirt and a job to get him elected.

Matthew is dividing his time this year.  Best of luck to you!

First time working at two schools at once; double the people, double the fun.

Kevin, as always is amazing.  His kids are writing before school even starts!

School doesn’t start until next week, but I already have students blogging in full paragraphs at our classroom site ( — an event that still excites me to no end even though I am the one who mailed out the invitations.

Anne’s image is one that I can definitely identify with, already this year~

My image for the week, would be that of the roadrunner in the famous cartoon series, as I always seem to be on the ‘run’ trying to get tasks completed.

Ken Allan is rolling along in rhythm:

Need, feed, heed, lead, deed, seed.

And I heartily concur with Amy Kenyon’s thought for the week:

I am returning to the same school I have been at for 11 years and finding it as fresh and exciting as ever. I have met some of the newbies but I am also deepening relationships with teachers and staff that I have known for a while. It is always surprising to learn about hopes, dreams, successes and failures that you never took the time to learn about before. Here’s a toast to taking the time and having more people from the “co-worker” category move to the “friend” category!

It sounds like Cynthia Calvert has hit the jackpot with her students this year:
Sophomores sitting in their desks, hanging on my every word as we discuss point of view in relationship to the character monologues they are about to write–where have these students been during my long career at WCCA?

As has Gail Desler. It goes to show that kids can recognize an excellent teacher when one arrives before them:

The single image that frames my week is introducing the NWP/Google Letters to the Future President project to a class of 45 seniors – many of whom had to stand for my presentation as the computer lab was designed to hold a mere 34…come on California, pass the budget!

And finally to Angie, who is feeling a little out of the rhythm this fall, I say enjoy it while it lasts!  It sounds pretty good to me!

I’m lamenting the fact that I’m not teaching this year and filling my time with gardening, learning French and de-cluttering my home.

Thanks to everyone who contributed a sentence this week.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to host this event.  I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say next week, at Kevin’s blog.  Take care, and I wish you all the best.



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