AVID Summer Institute

I’m in Sacramento, gearing up for another AVID Summer Institute.  I have an illusion that I’ll get a little feeling of a vacation, staying in a comfy hotel, eating at favorite restaurants.  Wonder why it’s so easy to forget that it is 100 degrees and smoky out, and that I will be working every day.  It is a very intense week.  I will be co-facilitating the Administration for High School strand in the mornings and the site team sessions in the afternoon.  I feel so lucky that I enjoy the two women I will be presenting with, and know that they are good presenters.  My new school is here as well, and I will begin bonding with them this week.  It’s funny, I still don’t really feel a part of the new school yet, although they are very welcoming and completely including me as part of their activities this week.  I tend to see the institute as my work, employed by AVID.  Yet it is also my time to become a part of the new school’s team.  So far I’ve made plans to have breakfast with them tomorrow morning.  Probably dinner as well, which will be nice.  I’m fortunate that I know them already, and like everyone.  I just have to include this change of focus in my plans for the week.

I have brought books to read, my journal to finish filling up, and fruit and yogurt for the mornings.  The biggest treat is that cushy Sheraton bed!  I know, my focus will change tomorrow after I begin going to meetings.  What bed?!


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