Ready, set, summer!

Okay now, the office is packed, my summer goals are set and as of tomorrow afternoon I’m off for the summer. The thing is, I have planned enough stuff to do this summer to take a year off, and I only have about a month, six weeks at the most. Planning curriculum, finishing a novel, designing new classes, going to the gym every day, eating in a way that will require some preparation (aka time), cleaning my house, installing sprinklers and planting flowers, for a start. Oh yes, and watching all those movies on my Netflix list. This rest and relaxation will require a tight schedule! Maybe not sleeping very much. Rest on a schedule? Actually, I imagine I’ll just lower my expectations and be good with it. The novel has been waiting for a few months, it can wait a little longer. The sprinklers? Hire someone! The house? That is a problem that will require a chunk of my time. Maybe I’ll just make myself an time online limit – that will save hours!  Maybe I can do that… We’ll see.


One thought on “Ready, set, summer!

  1. Bonnie says:

    And what a gorgeous spot to offer you some inspiration. Great photo! I work the most intensely in the month of July. I’m off the norm, that’s for sure.

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