This application is interesting. I found myself altering my words to make the word cloud better fit my main idea. Could this somehow be used in editing the content of student work? A way to show them what they have really focused on? It is at minimum a demonstration of redundancy. maybe that is all it is! It’s pretty fun to play with. The link is in the blogroll, if anyone is interested.


2 thoughts on “Wordie: AVID ELD or ELD AVID?

  1. lynnjake says:

    Thanks, Kevin,
    The first one I did came out with the word “Clutter” very large. While that is indeed a concern, my summer goals are about more than clutter. So I played with taking one of the clutters out in the piece of writing I had pasted and liked the result. I think it would be an interesting way to look at writing without manipulating it beforehand, just to see what is predominant in the piece.
    Take care,

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