The more you learn, the more you discover

I seem to spend inordinate amounts of time on my computer lately. I am learning new things, but the more I learn, the more I discover I don’t know, and need to learn. I think I have my blogs figured out, but you notice there is nothing to listen to here, and nothing that moves. Photos, yeah I get that. I just figured out the tiny URL thing, but haven’t actually tried it yet. Well, I’m about to, but still. Google docs, I can do that, but don’t think to start there. I start with Word or Pages. Or Journler. I still haven’t figured out iMovie, and I can’t for the life of me figure out my iDisk. Now my computer says my startup disk is almost full, and I don’t know how to deal with that. So I’ve decided to lighten the load and delete a bunch of junk from the computer. So I guess it’s a few steps forward and almost as many back. How in the world will I teach kids if I can’t figure out so much stuff? And I seem to know more about this than most of my friends. It’s about information overload, I guess. Making decisions – I think I’ll have to set a timer and only do as much as I have time for in however much time I allow myself. If I don’t I could just be on the computer day and night, clicking away…I probably should be traveling to a far-off place instead. Getting some exercise and sunlight.


3 thoughts on “The more you learn, the more you discover

  1. Bonnie says:

    Here’s one suggestion. Do you live near an Apple store, Lynn? If you are shaking your head up and down, they have a great service for $100.00, you can get 52 hours(one a week), one-on-one lessons focused on everything/anything mac.
    I’ve been using it for a few years and it’s great.
    I would also suggest for photo sharing and there’s a great way to create slide shows on your blog from there: flickrslidr
    Hope this helps.
    I’m battling my own computer challenges, like the TESOL/NWP digital piece.

  2. lynnjake says:

    Thanks, Bonnie. I do know about the Mac store training. Unfortunately the nearest Apple store is in Sacramento, 100 miles away. I’m still tempted to do it. I’ll see what I can do with Flickr this weekend. Maybe that will be my next challenge. Surely if I can figure out Tiny URL I can figure out flickr.
    What is giving you problems with the TESOL/NWP piece? I hate to think that you are spending a huge amount of time on it. It was certainly not our intention to leave you with a huge burden after the fact!
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Bonnie says:

    No, Lynn,
    About a month ago my mac for digital work refused to turn on. I was in the mac store when it happened. They took it and tried to fix it. They couldn’t and sent it away to a center and they also failed and so I got a brand new computer this week. So it took time away from the work.
    And now, I am back to the piece with lots to chose from. I am working with new software and that’s both exciting and bit slower, but it’s exciting. I got a great lesson yesterday.
    When I saw the movie: Into the Wild, I got some great ideas about how you could use text and voice over and images. That’s my inspiration to make the piece unique.
    That said, I have a nice chunk of time in June to get crackin’.
    How does that sound?

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