I’ve been thinking about placing English learners into an AVID class just for them. I keep going around about who that will be. I’ve been thinking the students would be Intermediate level, and if they are higher than that they would go to mainstream AVID. But then today I asked a teacher in another middle school who has been doing this for a long time and she has a different take on it. At her school they put the high level English learners in an ELD AVID class so they won’t feel intimidated by their need to work on their academic fluency. She feels they should all be together for this reason. In my experience, the high level ELD students do fine in regular AVID. So now I have to rethink it. Did I always miss the discomfort of the English learners? I understand about the difference between oral and academic fluency, and longterm English learners. I so get all that. I’m just not sure that advanced students need to be separated for AVID. Especially at middle school level, we stil have time to have them ready for a to g track courses in high school.

Another way to tackle this issue is to look at Math scores. Statistically, the students that take higher level math are more likely to complete a Bachelor’s Degree. So, maybe I need to look at Math scores when choosing kids for this ELD AVID class. Often English learners have high Math scores and struggle with the ELA. As English learners, this makes perfect sense. I’m going to take a look at this aspect of the placement conundrum. I certainly have a multitude of scores available to me – I need to make the most of the data I have. More on this as I puzzle my way through it.


One thought on “ELD AVID or AVID ELD?

  1. Bonnie says:

    I’m enjoying your reflections Lynn, especially as you move around in the academic world, exploring different possibilities for yourself and your students. It’s pretty powerful.
    Back in my early teaching days, my ELL students were not ELL’s, they were just there in my classes. No one really studied them, I even forgot that I began my career teaching ELL’s. As you reflect I think about them, wondering what impact their high school education made on them before they left school and became parents, took jobs, probably few went on to college.
    I wonder what would have been best for them?
    Good that you are still asking these questions.

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