Comment challenge Day two

Coment on a new blog: Recently I comented on at least one new blog. Commenting at all is new, so I”ll keep working on this one, adding comments as I find interesting ones. So far, I’ve commented on Bonnie Kaplan’s blog, Vicky White and a blog of a guy who uses them in his classes who responded to my listserve entry. I’m going to keep reading and commenting, but want to see if I can make progress toward catching up with the challenge.

Okay, this is frustrating.  I can’t figure out how to get this posting on the Comment Challenge page.  It never seemed tricky before.  It seems like this is always three steps forward and two steps back.


2 thoughts on “Comment challenge Day two

  1. Bonnie says:

    I can relate to that frustration. Do you have someone to help you? How about now? I came too, for the new blog post. Is it coming? That’s what happens when you are so connected?
    Nice weather here today, finally.

  2. lynnjake says:

    Hi Bonnie, No, I don’t really have anyone to help me figure things out. Usually I do okay, but if I get stuck, I go to Barnes and Noble and pick up WordPress for Dummies and look up my situation. The new blog post is up. I tried to do it last night, and was just too tired to think. I got stuck so decided sleep was my only recourse.
    Yesterday it was 102 in Chico. Here in Pasadena it had to be close to that. I think all of California is praying for a cooling trend. Heat and wind are a dangerous combination.

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