Class assignment by Braille and a prayer (day two)

Okay, today i worked again on placing the middle schoolers into the ELD classes for next year. Once I got through choosing classes based on the data I had, I decided I should look at what classes they are in this year and how they are faring in those. (You’d have thought that would have occurred to me sooner, wouldn’t you?) First of all, the two schools call their classes two different things.  One seems to have four levels and the other only three, and in the top one in the second school, the English learners from Intermediate on up are mixed in with the other kids who are reading below grade level. (Not my preference.) But I think I got a clue as to how they each are set up. So, tomorrow I will go through all of them again and make changes as seem necessary. It is hard when one score is seven months old and the other is a year old. The third score is more current but based on only a few questions about a very few specific standards. The bottom line? You need to know the kids. Yeah, I know, big duh! I feel like I’m getting to know them without meeting them. Could be dangerous.

But here is a kicker: one of the students who could very well be in my class next year is the daughter of one of my first students, one who left high school pregnant in the mid-1990s. I’d always thought it would be amazing to still be teaching when a second generation came around, and here it is. Not even that long, really.

Thanks for checking in!


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