Placement by Braille and a prayer

Today I worked at placing students in English Language Development (ELD) classes for next year. I’ve done this for years, always at the same school, where I knew the kids, their siblings, in many cases their parents. (Not that that knowing their parents influenced my placement recommendations – I’m just saying.) This time it is different because it is a school that is new to me, and a middle school rather than a high school.  Actually, the school itself is new in that it will be a compendium of two middle schools, one of which is closing and moving to the campus of the other. I have designed the ELD program, and am now making placement recommendations for the English Learners who will be part of it.

Since I don’t know the kids, I’m using their standardized test scores (CELDT, CST, Quarterly Benchmarks) to suggest placement. I know this is not ideal, as there are many factors aside from test scores that make up a kid. But it’s the best I have. Normally, I give test scores to the teachers who have the kids and then ask for their input as to placement into the program that the teachers are already a part of. There isn’t time for that this time, so I’m going to punt. Make sure the levels adjacent to one another are offered the same periods so lateral transfers can be made without changing a students’ whole schedule. Then hope for the best and plan for a more informed process next year.

Does anyone have any other ideas that might help me in this venture?

Onward and upward!


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