We’re off to see the wizard…

Tomorrow I’m off to TESOL again, but this time I”ll be part of a Pre-Conference Institute aboutEnglish Learners Writing in a Digital Age. Judy Rance-Roney and I had this idea – like kind of a ideal situation workshop about technology. Imagine our surprise when it was approved! It is pretty exciting. We are doing a whole day of work around literacy in a technical age. There will be individual presentations by Joe Bellino and Ailish Zompa on Google Docs and Wikis, Judy on Digital stories, Robert AMezola-Rivera on Podcasting and M#E on blogging. (Imagine that!) I’ve learned so much in preparing for this workshop – it has been great. Even though I’m so far from expert, I’m way more comfortable in the blogosphere than I was even three months ago.

I’ve decided not to stay for TESOL this year. The NWP Spring Meeting in D.C. the same week, so I’ve decided to take the train down there. I didn’t want to miss Sonia Nieto’s talk. She is so smart about Multicultural Education.

I’ll keep adding to this as the week goes on.


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