Points Beyond – future plans for NWP and TESOL

Today Judy, Elyse, Iana and I had a meeting about next steps regarding the NWP and TESOL. In late April Elyse and Judy Buchanan will be meeting with people from TESOL about the possibility of the ELL Leadership team doing a pre-session on one of the days prior to the opening of the conference. After this meeting, we will have more information, and will make plans for this work. By the time the ELL Leaderrship team meets in June, we should be ready to do some planning. I am attaching a “White Paper” which Judy wrote that gives a thorough introduction to TESOL the organization as well as the conference, and includes our reactions to it and questions regarding next steps. (Look in the righthand column, under “Pages” – it is at the bottom of the list.  We will keep you all informed as we have more information available.


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