NCATE and TESOL Standards

On Friday morning I attended a session led by Lydia Stack and Mary Lou McCloskey, among others, which was about the upcoming modification of the TESOL Standards. According to NCATE, the standards must be reviewed and updated about every ten years. It has already been nearly ten years since these were implemented. (I remember that my colleague and mentor, Nancy Ortiz, was quite excited about their preparation and implementation. She didn’t live long enough to see them actually implemented, or to see California’s ELD Standards.) This review and revision is a long process which requires input from a great number of people. It sounds as though the new ones (which they don’t expect to change much) will be finally through all the necessary hurdles in time for implementation by about 2009 or 2010. They include 6 domains, each of which are detailed by two or three modifiers. Definitely more concise than the California ELD Standards.

The Domains are: Language, Culture, Planning, Implementing and Managing Instruction, Assessment and Professionalism. They all fit on the front and back of one page. At this time they are still seeking input from the TESOL community as to changes that should be made.


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