Monday night – still not packed!

I always think I’ll pack a day or so ahead of time, and always do it at the last minute, so I’m acting true to form. The internet says it will be raining all week, but my person on the street says it has been a little sunny and may be clearing up so I’ll take an umbrella and hope for the best. I got an A ticket so I think my luck is with me!

Today I was reading the program of session offerings for TESOL and it all came back to me…it has been a long time since I’ve been to this conference, and the magnitude of it is always staggering. I remembered that I always chose a focus for the week, so I didn’t get quite so overwhelmed. Since my purpose in going is based in the Writing Project, I will focus on the Second Language Writing Interest Section. This organization includes many different interest sections, and I could be interested in several of them, but for this time I’ll concentrate on writing sessions. There are some that sound interesting – probably more than I can attend so I’ll have to choose carefully. I’ll keep you posted!


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