Getting ready to go

In a few days I’ll be leaving for Seattle, for TESOL 2007. I have been to TESOL many times in the past, but haven’t attended for about five years. I love the stimulation of so many people interested in the same thing in the same place, and always learn something new. This time I’ll be doing a little peice of a presentation about NWP – kind of an intro – at the beginning of another (3 hour) presentation about Digital Storytelling, arranged by Judy Rance-Roney of the Hudson Valley Writing Project. I’m excited to hear what they have to say about that topic.

I’ve decided to keep track of my impressions in this blog, so others can see (vicariously) what I see and experience what I learn. I’ll take my laptop, so the responses are in realtime (assuming there is wireless internet available in the convention center). I hope I’m not obnoxious with it – typing away through people’s presentations! So log on anytime after Tuesday March 20 and see what’s going on at TESOL!



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